Saturday, February 27, 2010

Field Trip

Yesterday for “school” we took a field trip! I brought the kids down to the school where my mom is one of the school cooks.

They got to see the kitchen, but couldn’t go all the way in there because that is against the inspectors rules. They saw the BIG fridge, which they thought could hold a hundred people...maybe more like 20 if they were packed and stacked. :) But they don’t really understand the difference between those big numbers. A big number is just big no matter what number it is to them. Vicki showed them where they store all the milk for the kids to grab as they go through the line. Even those little things are very exciting when you are 3 and 5 I guess! :)

They even sat at the lunch tables, and played around by the lunch tables for a little bit. And while sitting at the lunch tables they could see into the art room where some kids were learning.

They thought it was pretty cool. We got to walk down there because Jeffers is such a small town it doesn’t matter if you even walk down the middle of the road. It is only 3 blocks away from my mom’s house, but we didn’t see anyone out an about. We did see a guy letting his dogs out of the house though. We are watching 2 of my nieces, so TJ stayed home with the baby, and I took Josie along with my 2 boys down to the school. It’s the same school that we watched the basketball game at the night before.

A little bit after that we went out to a family friends farm, to see their animals. We got to pet some horses, cats, dogs, sheep, and new baby sheep. They were very noisy! We even saw a goose in the sheep barn. Not sure why he was in there. Must have been warmer in there or something. :)

Funny story about Jeffers being a small town.  Monkey said, “Does everyone in this town sleep during the day?” Why do you ask that? “Because you don’t ever see anyone!” I thought that was pretty funny. There are always cars driving by and people walking by our house. But you don’t really ever see people out in Jeffers. Mainly because there’s not that many people there in the first place.

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