Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wigwam Craft

In talking about the North American Indians, we made a little wigwam.

First take a 1 inch by 12 inch strip of construction paper.  They said to use brown, but all we had was black.  So that's what we've got here. :)  Put some glue on one end and make a circle with the strip.

Then cut 4 more strips at 1/2inch x 7inches.  Glue the edges and form an arch from the circle base as shown  below with all four strips.

Rip pieces of paper and layer over the "beams".  Make sure to cover the holes.  Once you are done gluing and the glue has dried completely, cut out the circle on top for the smoke, as they always had fires in their wigwams, and cut a small door.

My kids are using their little lego guys in the wigwam. :)


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