Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The other day I thought it would be fun to put a puzzle together. But this time, a real puzzle not the 25 big puzzle pieces for kids. I was at my sisters house, and she said, Here, I just got done putting this puzzle together. I thought this was great. I always feel like once I have a puzzle together I have to frame it or do something else with it after all that hard work. But this took that feeling out of it because I knew once I was done I had to give it back. This is the best way to do a puzzle. You get the enjoyment out of using your brain and putting it together, and then you can just give it back. We should all start a puzzle trade or something.

I was talking with a friend about puzzles at the Library but right away, I said it's a fun idea, but won't work. I mean the first person who borrows it is probably going to lose a piece and then the puzzle will increasingly become worthless for the next people who want to use it. But if there were people you trusted it could be a neat idea. :)

Here's the puzzle.

Notice, I have it on our extra table leaf. This turned out great. I finished before the day was over but, I didn't know at first if I was going to finish it or not so this worked out great. If I didn't finish it I had a nice, sturdy, easy to move thing where I could put the puzzle away for another day.

The boys had fun watching me for a little while, and TJ even helped me for a bit last night. I stayed up late and finished it before going to bed, and then the boys got up in the morning and were so excited to see it all put together!  Monkey helped, he found where a few pieces went, and helped organize the different color sections. I was pretty impressed with how good he did at finding certain pieces.

So, who else has a puzzle they want to share?


Donna said...

We love puzzles too! We did a TON when David's Dad was in Hospice care.
I keep thinking I'll do what an older couple I knew growing up did. (They were puzzle junkies and did frame a few). They took a big piece of heavy cardboard (or maybe it was a thin piece of plywood - it was pretty light so I'm thinking it was cardboard) and covered it with flannel or felt (so the pieces didn't slide off). Seems like they made a couple of smaller "trays" that they sorted pieces on too. It was great because you could move the puzzle off the table if you needed to!

TJ and Stephanie said...

great idea! They also have these puzzle wrap up things... They are like felt so the puzzle doesn't come undone, but you are also supposedly, be able to roll the puzzle up so you can store it somewhere until the next time you work on it. Haven't tried it. But I'll stick with the table leaf for now because that doesn't cost money. :) You know me...Frugal Stephanie

Gampa and Gamma said...

When you come down you can take some or all of the puzzles we have in the closet.

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