Friday, February 19, 2010

Setting the table

We were having company, so I set the table before they got here. Once I had the plates and glasses and forks set, I went to get the napkins. As I grabbed them and folded them in half to set under the fork, I had a flash back in my life to when I was a kid.

At our house, my family would have people over for Sunday dinner quite a bit. My mom always had us set the table before we left for church, so that was one less thing to do when we got home from church and before the company arrived. I liked setting the silverware because we got to the use the "special" silverware, and I would fancy up the napkins. Like the following picture.

You just start folding from the corner, each of the layers 1/4 in down from each other and an everyday, not-so-fancy napkin, can turn into a Fancy napkin! :)

It's funny how you can forget about things, and just have this sudden flash back at any random moment. I mean, we use napkins for most meals, but I haven't remembered about this napkin folding technique or thought about it any other moment before tonight.

Next time you set the table whether for company or just for your own family, fold the napkin fancy just for me! :)

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