Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mall of America

Oh the things you see at the Mall of America! I can totally understand how they are going to have a whole show dedicated to the mall cops of the Mall of America. That should be interesting. :)

They have a store called "Minnesot-ah!" TJ not being from MN looks at it and says it out loud and then chuckles and says...that's cute. Because apparently we Minnesotan's have an accent?!? Did you know this? I didn't. hahaha. Anyway....after he says it I hear a few more people around say the same thing. Too funny. A little later in the day we walked past it again and a lady is having one of the workers from that store hold a paper person up next to the sign so she can take a picture. All these people are walking by in the way, I hear people saying the same thing TJ said above again as walk by, and then this lady who is in the way, her friend says really loudly, HELLO?!?! Can you say Tourist! Maybe you had to be there, but it sure tickled my funny bone. :) tee hee

Lego Land. I've gotta say, this place is amazing. I love lego's. Always have, it was one of my favorite toys growing up. I really like the teeny tiny ones. They have so many neat things you can do with legos now. and you can buy individual pieces of all shapes sizes and colors. So cool I can't wait until the boys are older so we can get the little ones and build cool things. :)

They both built cars and raced them once. It was kind busy there so we didn't hang around that station too long. Just long enough to build a car quick and take a picture of it for the scrapbook! ha

Bear got to ride by himself. He loved it! So adorable. :)

Monkey rode on the roller coaster with TJ. He thought it was awesome. He said, he said, I didn't scream once, but the girls behind us did. Girls must get scared more than boys. Spoken like a 5 year old. :)  Bear and I had to stay down below so we couldn't get a real good picture of them on the ride, so I took a picture of the screen that showed the pictures that you're supposed to purchase.

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Gampa and Gamma said...

Sounds like a good time had by all.

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