Monday, February 15, 2010

TJ's Pizza Creation

Yesterday we had pizza for lunch. TJ helped. He created his own pizza. I made my tradition favorite. Pepperoni and black olives.

TJ decided to try something different.

He used ranch for the sauce and topped it with finely chopped chicken breast, spinach, cheese and garlic salt. It was pretty good, but might need something more. I think banana peppers would be just the kick it needs! Previously we made a chicken pizza that was really good. I found a white sauce in the aisle next to the spaghetti sauce that was NOT alfredo. (considering I don't like Alfredo from a jar.) I used that white sauce on the pizza, topped it with chicken, bacon, banana peppers, and maybe olives? I can't remember now, if there were olives or not, but that one was really good. I think it was the banana peppers that made it so good! :) Anyway...branch out and make a different kind of pizza tonight! I dare you!

1 comment:

Beth said...

The pizzas look really yummy! I am planning on making two of your recipies this week!!! Thanks for posting them. It is great to get new ideas!

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