Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fruit & Veggies Lapbook

In our unit we are talking about plants including fruits and veggies.  So we decided to make a Fruits and veggies lapbook.  I didn't find one out there but I found some ideas at this site, so I used their ideas to make my own.  You can download all the files to make this for yourself!  Check it out.

 The cover of our Lapbook!

Opening it up.
Yes, as you may notice, my yellow ink started running out on the last page so the lime turned out a little blueish green.
I will reprint that after I get more ink later. :)
The middle section opens one more time, to the right.  First on the left you have a couple food nursery rhymes.  To download my file to have it print as this flip book, click here.

In the middle I printed out fruit pictures and had the boys sort the fruits by their colors.
Fruit link is below.

On the right, is a pocket for the fruit drawings below where they finish the other half of the fruit.
Fruit drawing link is below.

I made these fruit and veggie word wheels which you can download.
Fruit & Veggie Word/Picture recognition
Fruit Word Wheel
Veggie Word Wheel

Then I made these, finish the fruit drawing pages, for the boys to finish drawing the other side of the fruit and then color.  Download this file here.

Here is the inside after flipping to the right the second flap.
And lastly to save you the work, you can use my fruit and veggie pictures for easy put together.  Download here.

I also have the boys sort the veggies by color.  And an additional game is to mix all the fruits and veggies together and have them sort which is which, and they can also tell you what each one is.
This is a good game for my boys because they seem to get confused on some of these items no matter how much we eat them!

To hold the fruit and veggie cards, I use these coin envelopes.  I got them from Officemax and they came 250 in a box, so I've been creative with getting good use out of them.  I sealed it shut, then cut it in half, and that made the nice little pocket for the fruit and veggie cards.

Enjoy learning your fruits and veggies!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great lapbook!

TJ and Stephanie Wright said...

Thanks for visiting Sarah!
We're just starting to figure out the lapbook making process. I think we are going to like it! :)

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

That's cute, you did a great job, thanks for sharing!

Chrissy @ Because They Love to Learn said...

I saw this on pintrest this morning. We are working on vegetables this week as part of our V week. Love this lap book!

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