Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you give a mouse a cookie -Lapbook

 We printed off the information for this lapbook from here.

I thought we had this book, but we have if you take a mouse to school.  So we had to go to the Library and get this book!

Monkey made a cookie and we put it on the front of the lapbook.

Lapbook front

 Inside the first layer....Nursery Rhymes, the story in a wheel, which the kids love, a cookie match game shown below, and I spy circles.  Which we wrote down circles that we spied around the room instead of throughout the book.

 Bear playing the cookie match.  You have to match the number to the number of chocolate chips on the other cookie.

 Opening the other flap We have write your own story, mouse anatomy, and mouse facts.

 Here's our story about if you give a girl a cookie.  The boys made it up and I wrote it for them.
I think if you click on it to make it bigger you can read both of them.  They are cute and funny. :)

 Our own if you give a boy a cookie story.  They kinda each did every other sentence to make the story.

 Monkey matching and coloring the mouse to learn the mouse's anatomy.

 And our mouse facts.  I wrote the question and Monkey filled in the answers.

There you go!  Don't forget to go to this website for all the printables shown in our lapbook if you want to do it too!

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