Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Flag Craft

We are learning about American History.  So in talking about our independence we decided to make a flag.  Here's what we did.

Take red, white and blue construction paper.  Use the blue piece for the background.  Cut the red and white into 3/4 inch strips.  Line them every other starting with red.

Start on the bottom like a real flag and after the 6 full lines make the next ones shorter so you have room for the stars.  Glue on the strips covering the blue, except for the blue square in the corner.

Then either draw on stars or use star stickers!

Hang your artwork, and say the pledge and sing the Star Spangled Banner!  We actually listened to the Star Spangled Banner repeatedly until we were done making our craft! :)

Happy Crafting!


1 comment:

Brandy Nicole said...

We will be making these this week for Constitution Day!

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