If you haven't noticed we have and do a lot of random things here.

I have a lot of random thoughts sometimes.

The kids say numerous random things, or just super funny things. And most of the time I try to write them down right after they do it. It'd kinda sad, but great because I will always remember these silly things that they say! I have a spot on my ipod so if I'm at the store, I can still write down their funny comment. If I'm in the car I have a notebook, or my ipod. And when I'm at home, I have a notebook, the ipod or a document on my computer desktop that I type them into. So funny. Something funny will happen, and I think, I gotta to write that down so I can put it on the blog!

Plus, if you know my husband he does weird random things all the time. I'll have to remember to record some of the random funny things he says to make sure they make it to the blog too.

I hope you enjoy the random sections of my blog. They are fun for me to gather up and write down!

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