Tuesday, February 2, 2010

because......Your Mom!

Ok, so TJ and I like to say "your mom" randomly to the kids...you know like when they ask an incredibly silly question that doesn't need an answer, or a question I don't feel like answering at the time. Like "Mom, why is the sun yellow?" Because, your mom!
You get it right?!?! It's funny.

Well, they've pretty much caught on to this, as they have decided to re-verb it back to me. Today I asked Monkey a silly question. (Nicole is my sister, their aunt.) I said Monkey who is Nicole? He said Nicole is Nicole. I said, yeah, but who is she? (I was looking for My aunt, or your sister for them to get the connection) Again Monkey said Nicole is Nicole! I said, yes but how do you know her? He said, I don't get it. I said, Who is Nicole Perrizo? How do you know her? Again he gave me a confused look and said, I still don't get it.... Why?! I said, how do you know her?...to which Bear interrupted and said, Because....Your Mom!!!! And Monkey said, yeah he's right mom, for real even. Because your mom!
I thought it was pretty funny for my 3 year old to understand and use it correctly. The first time we started saying this to their silly questions, they would try and do it back, but they were too literal and they really thought the answer was ME..their mom....so they would say my mom.

Now they really get it. Too Funny!

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Beth said...

Sooo funny!!! Kids pick up on everything! BTW you are doing an awesome job at blogging! I love reading them!

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