Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am loved.....

Apparently 1 year olds love me. :)
One in particular is sweet little Kacee Ruth Perrizo. My niece.

She cries when I leave her house, or when I leave the room that she's in for that matter. She goes the computer and asks (as a 1 year old can ask) her mom to call me on the computer so she can see me. Then once she does see me she wants me to hold her and cries because I'm not holding her. She doesn't understand the whole webcam idea yet! :) hahaha
She is sooo funny. She just prefers me, for some weird reason. I mean, she doesn't just like me...she LOVES me! Like beyond regular Auntie love. She gets so excited when I go over there, or if she comes over here. And my sister just told me the funniest story about this infatuation...

Last week they(my sister and her family) went to my mom's house for the weekend. While there, Kacee found a picture of me and picked it up and carried it around. They saw her with it and tried to take it away from her, but she screamed because she wanted me to be with her even if it was a picture. So they let her carry it around for awhile. I think that is hilarious!

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