Friday, April 22, 2016

Why I will still shop at Target...

Ok guys.  Let's get serious here.

We live in a world full of sin, and evil.  It's everywhere.   At the store, at your kids school, in your church, and even in your own homes!

While I am annoyed with Target taking the stance they are taking, this stance is not changing anything about the world we live in.  It might change the facts of what we do regarding using the bathroom in,  I won't let my kids go to the bathroom alone, or I will wait by the door for the boys to come out, and maybe even time them to make sure things aren't taking too long, or even further yet, have them tell me if someone else is in there and how many people before I let them go in so I can monitor them.  These things will change, yes.  But if I stopped shopping at every store that didn't hold moral, or biblical values, than I would only be able to shop at Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A.  And I don't think I can live off that.  Unfortunately.

If you can't shop at target anymore then there are a few more things you need to consider.  First of all, most abuse and assault situations happen with people you already know instead of strangers.  Second, a large number of these offenses happen within the home.  What are you doing about that?  Are you stopping getting together with people you know incase sin prevails and something bad happens to your kid while other people are around?  Are you going to never leave your house again, and never have anyone over ever again?  Odds are you can not stay home by yourself for the rest of your life.

You're kids are going to grow up and live in this trouble filled world by themselves one day.  They are going to need to know how to process information around them, and how to deal with bad situations.  How are you teaching them to handle these terrible situations when all you are doing is stopping being around it?  I want to be able to teach my kids what is bad, and what is acceptable, so I can help steer them in the right direction of what to do about it.

You're kids are not safe at the park, yet you take them there, and sit with your friends chatting, not even paying 100% to your children.

You're kids are not safe in your backyard, yet you let them play out there while you are in the house.  It is impossible to know what is going on if you are not there to witness it.

You're kids are not safe at school.  Hurt people, hurt people.  So there are hurting adults and kids in schools, and in all actuality there is potential for something to happen to your child.  And you are no where near arms reach to do something, let alone ever know about it if your child never tells you if something were to happen to them.

You're kids are not safe at church.  Considering there have been multiple times on the news regarding church clergy, or leaders of some fashion doing something wrong within the church walls, I'm sure there are many more cases that have not been reported about.

I think you are getting it now....  Terrible things are everywhere.  You are not immune.  Therefore, staying away from stuff is not the option.

Instead, you need to teach your children about how and why certain places are unsafe, or could potentially be unsafe and what then they need to do about it.

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