Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buying in Bulk

I am a fan of buying in bulk. Is that an option on facebook? I should look for it and become a fan of it.

I buy my hamburger in bulk at Sam's Club. If you buy 80 pounds at a time you get a special price break, plus they butcher their meat there, so it is a cleaner, better tasting meat. I can totally tell the difference between it and other meats I've bought from the store one pound at a time.

I buy my cheese in bulk when I can. Again I buy it at Sam's Club. If you get a 5 pound bag that is the same as 10 bags from the store... and it is ends up $1 per bag or less. Plus I get whole milk mozzarella cheese and WOW does that taste so much better than the 2% or part-skim that they sell everywhere else.

I also buy ketchup and peanut butter for sure in bulk. And on the last visit to Sams I bought some yeast in bulk. It was an awesome deal. I will have yeast forever and it was only $4...where the little packets which will only make you like 2-3 things of bread are over $1 at the store. So now I'm set for quite a while on yeast for making my bread dough, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, buns and such.

And when things are on sale I try to buy a bunch of them. For instance they had a sale on chicken breasts for $3.99 so I bough 8 bags. I should have gone back and bought more, but they usually have that sale every 6 weeks or so, so I'll get another 8 bags or more next time. Obviously I have a deep freezer to put this in, but sooooo worth it!

It's so great to go to the store and not have to get the main meats, but to only have to get the little ingredients.

The other day I also bough 30 pounds of potatoes. Granted these don't last as long, however if you keep your potatoes in the fridge they last much much longer before they sprout eyes. Plus oddly enough it was cheaper to by a 15lb bag of potatoes than it was to buy a 5lb bag. Weird, I know.

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