My husband started this blog as something funny and silly. He was the one who started writing things about work, or funny things he would come across.  That's why the address is generically tjandstephanie.blogspot.com

I started doing some of the blogging in 2009 when we became parents and changed the mindset a little. But the real change was when I started hardcore working on the blog the beginning of 2010. This is when I changed the look, and name of everything minus the web address.  That's not so easily changeable. :)

Just a note about the name, When you're Wright, you're right....I do not believe that we are right about everything just because of our last name. It's just a silly play on words. And it's just a silly name for a blog.

So don't read into it too much and just sit back, relax, and enjoy my ramblings, recipes and the reality of our day to day life!

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