Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growth Charts

When I was growing up we measured how tall we got every once in a while. But we wrote it right on the wood of the doorway between the kitchen and dinning room. I always loved that. And still do! It's great to see the progress of growing and getting older/bigger. Luckily my mom still lives in the same house and we can still look back at it. I think if she ever moves she's going to have to rip that door frame out so she can keep the measurements. :) I kept thinking I'd really like to do that somewhere in my house. But I thought, odds are more likely that we won't live here as long as my mom has lived in her house. So I better make it a little easier to move around. I've seen big wood ones that you can buy, but again with Frugal or crafty Stephanie....I'm pretty sure I can make my own version much cheaper....and I'd rather have something a little easier to take with me if need be. So I decided to make one out of cardstock paper. A little more durable that just plain thin paper. I measured out every 1/4 inch and marked the feet and inches. Taped it all together and put it on the side of the pantry. When the boys get up from nap, I will measure them for the first time, and then hopefully remember to do it every 4 months or so. :) I'm sure they'll ask again tomorrow to be measured, as if they grew overnight! HA

An up close look. I only numbered the feet and inches...didn't quite feel like marking every 1/4". :)

Taped it to the side of the pantry.

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Donna said...

I saw somewhere (can't remember where right now) they bought a thin strip of trim and tacked it to the wall. That way they could move it with them if they ever moved to another home. AND they had one for each of their kids (so someday the kids could each have their own measuring stick if they wanted!
I thought it was a great idea since we had a wall where we marked the kid's through the years, but we moved so it got painted over, I'm sure.

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