Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Positive Reward

We started a positive reward system along with other things we do. :) The boys each have a sheet of paper on the frig, and I have a bunch of star stickers. Every time they do something that is extra, over-the-top, or just doing something without us having to ask for it to be done. They get a star. This takes time, and a good eye, as it is hard to point the the good things sometimes. But they have done very well. After 10 stars they get a special surprise. They get to pick from a couple options.

Since we decided to start this Monkey has been extra helpful around the house. Walking around trying to pick up anything that is out of place, and clean things, and ask to help with stuff. It is great! He has a better attitude about doing things too. He's also been extra helpful in doing things for his brother.

Today I gave Monkey the option of going out to eat with me, or staying up late and watch a movie with popcorn. He said, I don't want to waste your money mom, so lets just stay home and watch a movie. First of all, I said, Alright! Now that's my boy! Can you tell we talk about wasting, and using things wisely? So, anyway....after Bear goes to bed, Monkey and I are going to stay up late and watch a movie. I think he picked "Cars". It will be good bonding time.

Bear on the other hand, does have 5 stars, but it's harder for him, because he doesn't quite understand how it really works, and we told them from the beginning they will never get a star for it if they ask for the star afterwards, and Bear tends to ask for them a lot. So he is a little further behind in the process of acquiring this special reward. He'll get there some day.

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Gampa and Gamma said...

Good job Anthony!! Keep up the good work. Grandpa and Grandma love you!

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