Monday, February 22, 2010


I registered Monkey for soccer this spring. He's so excited. He's thinking up an action plan already! haha...he says mom, I know what I'm going to do, when someone else has the ball I'm just going to steal it from them. Oh if only it were that easy. I've already had the talk with him about how he doesn't get to decide that, and that is what they coaches are for, and you are supposed to do what they teach you to do. We'll see how well that goes.

Registration started Saturday, but before that I had been looking through the Parks and Rec information booklet for all the spring/summer events. I decided only on soccer for now, and then later in the summer I'll enroll both of them in swimming lessons. But as I was looking through the book talking about the stuff in there, he wanted to do it all. After I said probably only soccer, he's like..Ok, but they have those things that they wear on their legs, and big socks, we don't have those mom!?!?! This was in a high pitched voice as if practice was starting right now, and we could no longer be involved because we weren't prepared. Calm down...we haven't even registered yet, and we have a couple months before practice even starts. :)

I'm excited and intrigued to watch him play and interact with others in the sport. Starts sometime in April. They haven't picked the practice dates I think we get the schedule April 6th or something. Should be fun!


Beth said...

I wanted to say I love that you blog everyday...I look forward to what you are going to blog for each day...I am sure Anthony will have a blast in soccer! I can't wait to see pictures of him playing!

Gampa and Gamma said...

Let us know when he has games. If they are on week-ends we'll try to come up and watch one or two.

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