Thursday, February 25, 2010

Change of Plans.

Last week we wanted to come over to my mom's house for the weekend but she was gone so it didn't work out. So we thought about moving it to this weekend, but then didn't know if that was going to work because I'm watching my sisters 2 kids, and we didn't know about missing church, etc. So we were going back and forth on the idea. Then I called TJ at work and talked to him about it and he came up with a great idea! We left tonight, and can still go back home on Saturday. That way we get a weekend's worth of fun here, but don't have to miss out on the activities of our own church on Sunday. :) What a great idea TJ! We even got to see a family friend play High School basketball tonight. That was the boys first basketball game. They thought it was pretty cool.  Bear had some good questions about what he saw. Like what do those guys have in their mouths? (A whistle) and why are some of the people sitting on the bench, and only some of them playing. He's a pretty perceptive kid. Likes to ask lots of questions and learn. It's a good thing though.  Monkey was just very excited. He said, now I know how to play basketball! No practice or training needed for him, just watch it for 30 minutes and wha-la...he's ready to play! :) Our family friend invited us out to their farm tomorrow for the boys to see their baby lambs. Once Monkey heard that his face lit up so much. They love animals. I'll have to take some pictures. Just another page waiting to be scrap-booked!

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Gampa and Gamma said...

Sounds like a another first week-end.

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