Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tax time...and the staute of liberty?

It's that time of year....Tax time. In our town we have a Liberty Tax place where you can get your taxes done. I do not use them....just to clarify right away.

I used to work at OfficeMax and across the way is the Liberty Tax building. On the corner of the street, usually starting about January/February, they have a person who dresses up like the statue of liberty waving to everyone who passes by. Most people say this is stupid....but it definitely gets people talking. When I was working at OfficeMax people would come in all the time saying, why is there a crazy person dressed up like the statue of liberty standing on the corner? It's freezing out there! What are they even trying to do? To which we would answer saying they are an advertisement for the Liberty Tax Service. They seemed to think it was a stupid idea...but it got them talking right?!? And we're talking about it now, right?! So somehow it's working and creating the buzz they are probably desiring. Anyway....I do not work at OfficeMax anymore and I haven't been over that way for quite awhile. We were in the car driving down by OfficeMax when we passed that corner and my 3 year old says... "Mom, I just saw the statue of liberty". After only 2 seconds of thinking I realized what he was talking about and then was amazed that he knew what it was called. I mean he's 3. TJ was shocked too. However, last year I went to NYC and saw the real Statue of Liberty and I scrapbooked my pictures of it. The kids love looking at my scrapbooks, so they had seen the pictures of the real Statue of Liberty and asked what it was. I guess he was listening and remembered! It's nice to know when you talk sometimes they actually listen and remember. :)

This is the page from my scrapbook.

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Gampa and Gamma said...

That's pretty neat! As long as they don't pick up your bad habits, not saying you guys have any, just saying kids seem to pick up more then we realize.

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