Why homeschooling?

Well this is a good question, and even though it may not be good for you, it works great for our family.

We may have come into homeschooling for totally different reasons than others, and that is just fine.  To each his own!  But it was none-the-less all part of God's intricate design for our family.

I previously never imagined myself as being a homeschool mom.  I went to public school growing up, in a very small town, that is....and enjoyed it.  But I also didn't know any different.  My husband on the other hand went to public school in a larger town, didn't enjoy it so much and ended up doing the last high school years homeschooled.  So his mindset was when we had kids he wanted me to homeschool because that is what he enjoyed more.

After thought and prayer, and not so ordinary circumstances, God has brought homeschooling to our family and placed a love for it in my heart that was never there before.  I am so glad I can be with my children all day and teach them academics as well as bible knowledge and character traits, etc.  It works well for them to have the flexibility to do their work when they want, and at the pace they need for the understanding to be complete before moving on to the next subject.  Sometimes its right away, and other things need more time.  This extreme flexibility is not available to them in the public schools....not that they are not a great place for children to learn.  We are just glad for the capability and opportunity to homeschool instead.

Join us as we share with you all our homeschooling adventures including, games, activities, paperwork, curriculum, idea sources, crafts, and much more.

And then have some fun with your preschoolers on up!  Maybe you'll realize homeschooling is a great fit for your family too!

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