Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay, so it's not really a good way to be famous. Whenever there is something on the news about a place I live, work, have been to, someone I know, someone or something I like, etc., I always say I'm famous. It's kinda like I'm double famous. It happened in Owatonna and they were headed to Viracon. I guess you could say I'm triple famous cause Jeanette Trumpeter was broadcasting live from the airport. She is at a TV station in the Twin Cities. She used to be at KCCI in Des Moines. So I guess that makes me kinda famous too. Should I even be typing this. Is this bad? 

Don't know what happened? Living in a hole? Don't have TV?  Go here


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Week

We're in the middle of a pretty busy week. After working during the day we head to VBS in the evening in Faribault. And then this weekend we're going down to Iowa to go camping with 3 of our nephews. And of course it's supposed to be like 95 degrees this weekend in Iowa. That's pretty hot for camping in a tent. We'll see. 


Friday, July 25, 2008

GVB Reunion

Too bad I have to wait until next fall for these Gaither videos. Here's Wes Hampton's take on the Gaither Vocal Band reunion that took place this week:

I'm still in a daze after what happened to me this week in Indiana...the Gaither Vocal Band reunion taping.

All of my vocal idols in one room together, singing some of my favorite songs, and I was there in the middle of it...I still can't wrap my mind around the reality that I was actually there.  What an amazing day it was...okay, that was an understatement.  I could go on and on about it, but I will mention just a few of the many highlights for me.  Emily Sutherland from has posted an awesome recap of the day below, so be sure to read it when you get the the way, great job, Em.  

The first highlight for me was getting to sing "Satisfied" with Michael, Mark, and Bill.  That was really the first GVB song that "hooked" me, since the first GVB album I heard was Southern Classics, Volume 1.  It was an absolute blast singing that song. 

Another highlight was when Guy, Marsh, Bill, and I sang "The Love of God."  We started off singing it, then David Phelps took the chorus.  If that wasn't enough, Larnelle Harris took the second half of that chorus, and then I get to finish it. Hmmm...someone doesn't belong here, and I wonder who it is? Obviously, it was me.  I was in a dream at this moment in time. We three continued to toss the parts of the chorus around to each other when Bill would point to either me, Dave, or Larnelle. All three of us ended the song together with Guy, Marsh, and Bill. Wish I could sing that song like that every night we sing it in concert.  

Another highlight was when Guy, Marsh, Dave, and Bill sang "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go."  "Stellar" is all I can say.

Guy, Marsh, Bill, and I sang "There is a River" at the very end.  I LOVE these guys and I LOVE singing with these guys.  I'm glad we got that moment on tape as well.  

The biggest highlight for me was when Steve Green (the biggest musical influence in my life) sang "No Other Name But Jesus."  It was the best I have ever heard that song sung.  It was a very powerful moment for everyone in the room.  He then shared some of what was on his heart.  I will not even attempt to paraphrase it...just get the video (I think there will actually be two videos since they can't pack everything onto one DVD) and you'll understand.  He then sang "Find Us Faithful."  Enough said.  No need to elaborate on it because you know it was amazing.  

I found myself at times (well, most of the time) in awe of the men around me.  Phelps sat to my right, and Larnelle sat to his right, and Guy sat to Larnelle's right.  Again, what am I doing here?!  I had a good bit of trepidation stepping into the tenor position of the GVB after David left, as would anyone.  I have to say, as if it really needs to be said, that he is vocal android. Seriously, to hear him up close, singing right beside him, I'm blown away at this man's vocal ability. Believe me when I say I've heard plenty of people making comparisons between Dave and me, which is the natural thing to do...some kind and some not so kind.  I'm so glad that Bill chooses to play to everyone's individual strengths.  I could never ever attempt to fill Dave's place.  God created me to be me and to do what I do best. The same can be said for Dave and every other GVB member that has come and gone through the years.  Guy is no Michael English, and Michael English is no Guy Penrod.  Marsh is no Mark and Mark is no Marsh.  You just don't replace go a different direction.  I think that's one of the many things that has made the GVB so viable and wildly successful all these almost 30 years.  I was reminded of this truth (thanks alot to what Steve had shared) sitting in that room on Wednesday...just be me. Be who God has called me to be.

Larnelle Harris sounds the same as he did almost 20 years ago. Unbelievable...kind of sickening, really.  He sang several great songs that brought back great memories for me.  "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks," "New Point of View," "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him"...great stuff.

There were many more highlights for me, but I guess this is enough of them for now.  I'm getting ready to leave for Fist Baptist Venice Beach for a solo concert on Sunday.  Looking forward to it very much because I was there this time last year. What an awesome congregation.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Steve Green in concert in Birmingham this coming Monday.  I originally thought his concert was on Sunday while I was singing in Florida, but was very much relieved when I found it was after I get back from my solo concert.  Andrea and I will be going, without the kids of course.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a nice day it is. Low 80's and the humidity is low. Maybe I'll get out and enjoy it tonight. We'll see. I still love the fact that I don't have to go to work at night. It's great. I think Stephanie is starting to get annoyed when I tell her, "Guess what, I don't have to work tonight!" I say it all the time. Next week is going to be a busy week. We have VBS at church in the evening. Then on Friday were heading down to Iowa to take 3 of our nephews camping at Ledges State Park. That'll be fun. 

Have a good day,

Friday, July 18, 2008

A record broken, literally

We have gone six years without us breaking a dish in our house. We were just about ready to be in the Guinness Book Of World Records, then it happened. We had my grandparents over and my uncle Pete who just got back from Chile on Thursday for supper. We had a really good time. After supper Stephanie was reaching up to get a coffee mug so they could have coffee and it dropped and broke. Some of it in millions of pieces. It's a sad day. We're sorry to let all of you down. I know you have looked up to Stephanie and I as examples to live by when it comes to not breaking dishes. As Stephanie said, "Technically, it wasn't really a dish."


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So I've got a cold again. I felt really blah at work today. Stephanie and her mom were both sick so I think I've got it now. 

It's days like these I wish we had a pool. There's no pool in Owatonna yet. They just broke ground on an aquatic center so we'll have to wait till next year. It would be nice to be in the Dells right now.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Camp

What a great week. To be honest, I wish we were still there. 

On Thursday, July 3rd, Will and Melissa came up to spend the next couple of nights. On Friday the 4th, we all went over to the Abbott Family Reunion together in Decorah, IA. Good times. On Saturday we packed up and headed down to Clear Lake, IA for Family Camp. The last time I went to Family Camp was probably 7 years ago or so. There's been a lot of new things added since then. When we got there they opened up all the stuff pretty much. We got unpacked and hung out. It was fun. Stephanie wasn't really sure if she would like it or not. She loved it. It was really a lot of fun. She wasn't sure how she would like the whole two services a day thing-one in the morning and one in the evening- but it went well. Though we really didn't enjoy the evening speaker.
Here's a couple pictures of our room.

It had a window air conditioner so the room was kept nice and cool. Stephanie thought it was to cool sometimes. You can't see but there is a bathroom with a shower to the left of the dresser. Sunday was pretty much a "family" day, meaning they didn't have any activities open that involved the staff. Sunday evening it started pouring rain outside. We were under a Thunderstorm Warning too. It rained some more on Monday and finally started clearing out Monday evening. On Tuesday, Terry Alexander came over with his boat and 2 jet skis. I went for a boat ride. It was fun. Then, Jeremy came up and we went golfing with my dad and Will in Clear Lake. This was the first time I've golfed in years. I don't even have clubs, so I used Stephanie's. I didn't do very well, but it was fun. Wednesday afternoon I spent a couple hours at the pool. Then after the evening service they held the first annual Family Camp Olympics. It was a blast. They had the East side vs. the West side. They would draw your name and you would compete in silly games they had. Stephanie and I weren't drawn but some others in the family were. Competition included: twisting an Oreo open with someone else to see who gets the white stuff inside; seeing how fast you can make a bed; feeding baby food to someone; throwing a paper airplane; and blowing a ping pong ball against another family. They even had a couple commentators(Faith Contenders). Thursday I did the zip line. That was fun too.

We also did the climbing wall. I didn't do it, but Stephanie did. And she flew up that thing like it was nothing at all.
Family Camp ended on Friday. That was a little weird cause it used to end on Saturday. But vacation didn't end cause Adam and Jamie and the kids decided to come up to our house. They just left a couple of hours ago. Now Stephanie is sleeping cause she doesn't feel good. 

We are already booked for Family Camp II next year. Too bad it's a year away. 


Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm back from a great week at IRBC. More to come, including pictures...


Thursday, July 3, 2008

day off

Did I mention I'm enjoying my new job. And did I also mention I don't have to work today. They gave us Thursday and Friday off. Plus I've got all of next week off. Now we've got to start getting stuff ready for camp. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I've been fearing this day for a couple of weeks now. I had to go to the doctor to get a physical. The part that bothers me is when they take blood. For some reason every time I'm pricked I just about pass out. When I get a regular shot I'm fine. It's just blood I guess. I try eating before I go, I've tried looking away, but neither help. I still just about pass out. Not sure why. So I haven't been looking forward to today. Well, they didn't have to take any blood! Whew. It's a good thing too cause I was just getting all worked up about it. 

In an unrelated note, when I get home after the doctor I rolled down the window to get the mail. When I went to roll it up, it started going up crooked. So I'm guessing something came undone that keeps the window in place. Now I'm waiting for a call to see what to do. Yeah.


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