Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not tonight honey...I'm blogging

It doesn't mean what your first thought may be! heehee

TJ grabbed the mail and in it was a MomSense magazine. He asked me if I wanted to keep it as he was flipping through it, and he stopped on one particular page and chuckled a bit. He showed me the title, and it said. Not tonight honey....I'm blogging. Obviously we thought it was funny considering I've been writing on the blog alot lately. I thought maybe I should read that article.

So this morning I read it....and have to say it is not funny like the title. It's actually about a lady who is soooo addicted to the internet in general she spends every waking hour that she's not at work, online playing games, and blogging, and chatting, and other stuff online instead of spending time with her husband.

So let me just clarify...when I write on the blog it does not take me all night, or all day for that matter. I figure out what I'm going to write about, and 5-10 minutes later I'm done. Do not fear....my family is not lacking. :) TJ would say they are actually gaining....food wise anyway, since I've been making so many more new recipes. haha

So, no I haven't used this line on my husband...but I might start using it now.
Just as a joke. :)

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