Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You know you want to laugh!

Sometimes kids/adults/anyone will say something that just strikes you funny. Either because you're having a laughing moment. Or because you take it out of context and turn it around to mean something else. TJ and I tend to turn some of the things our children say around to mean what it's not meant to mean. I'm going to give a for instance....

Yesterday we went to Target.  Monkey wanted to bring some money with so he could buy something. He only brought $2, so we were looking through the front $1 section. After picking up item after item, and changing his mind a bajillion times, he ended up purchasing a notepad and some bouncy balls. He got the notepad because he's totally into to writing words down. Copying any word he can find and then trying to read it. The bouncy balls he bought came 3 in the pack, and they are painted like a baseball, basketball and soccer ball. Well the rule in our house is....the first day that someone gets something new the other person is not allowed to play with it. Unless that person decides to share, but they can't just take it without asking. So Monkey was trying to be nice he was going to share, but only part of his purchase. Can you guess which thing he was going to share. Well, let me phrase it the way he phrased it.

In the words of Monkey- "Bear, can't touch my notebook because he won't know what to do with it anyway, but he can touch my balls, that's for sure!"

So really?!?! What's your first thought?!?

That's what I thought. :)



Gampa and Gamma said...

Whatever are you talking about??? Hahahahaha!!!

Gampa and Gamma said...

Oh man I just read this. How funny!! You know me I turn things around too.
Thanks Stephanie!

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