Monday, March 1, 2010

My kind of grilled cheese

Sometimes these easy lunch ideas fly under the radar.

I know I've said this before, but we are not a big fan of the processed foods. We like natural or more homemade style of things. So for our kind of grilled cheese, we use the colby jack block of cheese instead of that Fake American cheese junk! And let me tell you they are soooooo good. So all you need is some wheat bread, a block of cheese and slice it as thick as you want, and REAL butter for the grilling part. None of that margarine stuff. That's not real butter!

This is a huge family favorite.  Monkey would probably eat three sandwiches if I let him, but I usually only let him have two. I thought that sounded good today, and I didn't have a block of cheese so I used the shredded colby jack blend instead. It's the same thing, just in the shredded version instead of the block version. Once it's melted it doesn't matter.

So, now you know how to have the best grilled cheese ever! Enjoy.

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