Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stamp Collecting

I have a rather large stamp collection. I started collecting when I was a kid and then received the rest from my grandma. I haven't done anything with the collecting since high school and I've had the stuff sitting in my basement in the same spot since we moved in. The other day when I decided to clean out under the stairs, I brought out my box of stamps and decided to go through them. I finished stage one, which is sorting them by face value of the stamp. I have a book from 2002 with the prices of stamps in it. It is am amazing book really. Every stamp ever made is pictured in the book and even though the book is from 2002 it doesn't matter for me because I don't have any stamps newer than that. I don't think I have any stamps newer than 1998 or possibly earlier than that.

So after sorting them all out last night into envelopes according to their face value 1cent 2 cents, 6 cents, etc..., I found a bunch from different countries.

Korea, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Czechoslovakia, Venezula, Rwanda, Mongolia, Ghana, Philipines, Republic of Maldives, Liberia, Dominica, Romania, Spain, India, Armenia, Republic of Dahomey, Congo, Mali, Hungary, Austria, Japan, Finland, Russia, Cote D'Ivoire, Greece, Canada, Burkina Faso, Zaire, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Togo, Argentina, Cyprus, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Israel, Chile, Australia, Zimbabwe, Macau, Senegal, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rico, Kenya, Ngwane, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Iran, Portugal, Turkey, Uruguay, Sweden, France

So....I was beginning to wonder. How in the world does a person get stamps from so many countries?! They don't really look like stamps that he bought from a stamp collector to have in his collection. If so, I would guess he probably would have cared for them a little nicer than hooking them together with paperclips. Just a guess.

And on another many of those countries have you never heard of before? I had to look some of them up because I didn't know where they were.

Lastly, my grandma saved those strips of Christmas stamps that you're supposed to put on the back of your christmas card. There are tons of them, and they all have dates on them. These are the oldest ones I found. The second one down on the left is from 1928! Now that's old. :)

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