Saturday, March 13, 2010

House of Bounce

Today we took the boys to the House of Bounce in Rochester. They had a blast! And it helped them get out some much needed cooped up energy from the long winter. They are soooo ready for spring and summer. Me too. I've always loved Summer the best, but now I love it even more.

Going up.  Bear had a hard time going up some of the steep slants. He held up the line a few times. Some kids waited, others pushed him down even further and pushed past him.

Coming down the slide together.

This was one of the steep slides.  Bear like it but usually looked a little terrified on the way down it.

Bear was afraid to do this at first, but after that he made it all the way there and back without falling off.  Monkey did a good job too. I was kinda surprised to see them making it. It's about good balance after all. They fall over just standing up straight! :)

This is one very tired Bear. He was exhausted from all the jumping, and from missing nap time. But it worked out since we wanted to put them to bed early tonight anyway with the time change. Hopefully it keeps them right on schedule tomorrow morning.

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