Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silly Chant

All the boys in the house say __________!!!

**Warning** This blog may contain words you do not normally feel comfortable reading.

My kids are awesome. I love that they do anything. I mean we tell them to do funny things, and they will. I guess if we think it’s funny then they think it’s funny. One (of the many, I guess) weird things that we do is a silly chant.

Mom- “All the boys in the house say, WHAT!”
Boys- “WHAT!”
Mom- “All the boys in the house say, YEE-HAW!
Boys- “YEE-HAW!”

I do this many times and they just keep on saying whatever I say! It’s so funny. They don’t ask why or think I’m crazy they just do it! They are awesome! :)

One of the days one of the boys were in the bathroom. I started the chant thing, and they willingly repeated me. Once he started getting stinky in the bathroom, my chant said, All the boys in the house say “Poop is stinky” And they went right along and said it too. But after that one they both laughed! teehee

**Warning Release** Sorry for those of you who may be uncomfortable reading the word poop. :)






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Aaron and/or Mindy said...

You know, the other day I was doing laundry. I lifted the lid of the washer to put stuff in and noticed there was information underneath the lid about all sorts of stains and how is the best way to get them out/what cycle/water temperature, etc. And I thought to myself.... blood, grass, dirt, ketchup.... where's the information for getting poop out of stuff! Okay, so maybe it's not such a big deal to you if you're not potty training....

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