Thursday, March 11, 2010

The necessities

There’s something not to desirable about having to buy things that are labeled necessities. Am I right?!? Or is it just me?

Like, socks for instance.

I mean that’s one of those things that just feels like it should always be there. You buy them in a package...yes you wear them most every day; but, it seems like they should just never run out. Right?! When you get to that point where you think, wow my socks all have holes or fading spots or are just gross, you dread the idea of buying more.

At least I do.

First it is, remembering to get them while at the store for everything else. Then there is the never-ending wall of socks. Don’t you just dread looking through that huge wall to find the kind of socks you have “come to love” :) in the last however long you’ve been wearing the same style of socks? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as if the same kind of sock is never there and I have to try and find some other brand comparable that will fit and feel the same as the old ones. Oh life’s little dilemmas. :) LOL

If it weren’t for the fact that I wish my socks never wore out, and don’t like spending money on these little necessities when there are more fun things I could be spending my money on, I really should just bulk up, and buy 10 packs of the socks I like. That way I can have the same style of sock for much longer. And it will feel like the never ending drawer of socks.

Oh the weird things I ponder throughout the day.

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