Monday, March 29, 2010

Hand Project

A long time ago I had this idea that I wanted to put the boys hand prints in clay/cement whatever will make a mold. I found this stuff at target that was an individual pack. It was a soft clay like material. (which kinda smelled like soap). It was almost hard to make their hand print in it because it wasn’t the most impressionable material. I had to press their hand in there pretty hard to get it to show. And it took quite a while to completely dry. But in the end, it’s nice because it’s a softer/lighter material, you can purposely throw it to the ground and it won’t break because of how soft it is. At first I wanted to put their name and date of the adoption finalization in it, but when we got this pack, it was so small, it wasn’t quite like the big cement block circles that I had envisioned with the extra space around the hand to put that info on there. So I just wrote their names on there with marker after I painted it. Now I think I’m just going to use them to put on the tree at Christmas time of the ages/size of their hands when we adopted them.

Such a bummer when you have something that you think is a really good idea, and then it doesn’t turn out quite like you really had planned. Oh well. Such is life. It’s still cute.

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