Saturday, March 6, 2010


If there's one thing I forget to bring every time we spend the night somewhere, and it is EVERY time, it's a shaver.

Sometimes this isn't the worst thing in he world, like for instance when it is a fast (only one night there) trip...but then there's other times when it is a vacation and you are gone 3,4,5,6,7,8 days. This is when it becomes more of a problem.

In the winter time I could care less how often I shave my legs, however my armpits are another story. I really prefer to shave my armpits everyday. Just like men's facial hair is usually shaved every day. TJ is not a facial hair dude. He HAS to shave every day....actually I think he should sometimes shave when he gets home from work. :) hahaha
But seriously, he can not handle the feeling of that little bit of stubble on his face, and I can totally relate. No, not about shaving my face, but as stated before on shaving my armpits. It usually bothers me if I am gone somewhere more than one night without being able to use my shaver in the morning.

So here I am at a friends house, forgot my shaver for the weekend and we are not going home today, no the more than one night thing puts me in the Too-long-to-go-without-a-shaver time frame. That stinks. I mean you'd think I'd learn. We go places a lot, but yet every time, without fail, I forget to bring a shaver with.

When, WILL I learn?!?!

I guess I have to make a trip to the store today.


Anonymous said...

If TJ can't go without shaving doesn't that mean he has one with? Maybe I dont't understand something about armpits, but wouldn't that work? And in confession, I FREQUENTLY for get the shirts I am bringing on the hanger. They are usually hanging in the front hall and never got in the car. Sometimes I just don't dress as nice but a few times it has been a lot more expensive mistake than a razor.

TJ and Stephanie said...

So true Brad! That would be more expensive than just a razor. :) Yes TJ has his shaver here but I've never used that kind of a razor to shave my arm pits before. Maybe I should try it out!

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