Friday, March 26, 2010


I dust every once in a while. But probably not as much as I should. Especially now that we are home all day and there is more dust flying around. I'm still just not used to having to dust that frequently. When you both work full time and are always gone the dust doesn't really collect that quickly. Now it collects in 1 day it seems like. I know its been long enough that I should be used to dusting, but it's also annoying, so I might not be trying that hard to remember every day. :)

We got a new stand for our T.V. and it is black. Well, that is a terrible color for dust. I can see it much more clearly now than before than before on the brown wooden T.V. stand. So if anything I try to dust that off a lot! Well I must have gone 2 days or something without dusting it, and I went to grab the dusting cloth, and when I get up to the T.V. stand.....drum roll please. It says DUST ME!

Are you kidding me?!?!?

If it wasn't me there is only 1 other person who knows how to write and spell in this house. And I'm pretty sure, that "other" person knows where the dusting mitt is! :)

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Randi said...

One thing that might help with your TV dust is unplugging it unless you're actually watching it. I read somewhere that even when a TV is off, but still plugged in, it's drawing "phantom energy" (or whatever it's called), which makes dust stick to it! We have our DVD player & TV hooked to a power strip, and I try to flip it off when not in use...but I forget a lot too. :)

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