Friday, March 12, 2010

Just another day....but

it's my birthday.

Today is the day I was born, (cough, cough) Years ago. Ahh, I remember it like it was just yesterday. Ok maybe not. In fact there are a lot of things I don’t even remember about being a child! I was telling my sister that every year I don’t feel any different, but yet the number gets bigger. So if I don’t ever feel any different, shouldn’t I still feel like I’m 18?!? Well now that wasn’t THAT long ago, but I don’t feel like I’m 18. However I don’t feel like I’m whatever age I am right now. :) haha Oh well, I think age is pretty much meaningless once you are out of high school.

A funny story though, Bear said he wanted to go to the store, and I said well, it's my birthday so I get to pick what we do and then tomorrow, we'll go back to the usual, where I still pick what we do, but that time because I'm the mom! ;)

Thanks for those of you who have already expressed a Happy Birthday to me. I appreciate it. I will blog again before the night is over with the pictures of presents and activities.

Now back to spending time with my family on my birthday!

1 comment:

Gampa and Gamma said...

Happy 28th Birthday, Stephanie!! You don't look 28 but then I don't know what 28 looks like. Another year just means you are much wiser. ;-)

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