Tuesday, March 30, 2010


TJ got me an Ipod Touch about 3 years ago. Sometimes I think he got it for himself, because he likes to steal it from me. :) But that's not the point of this story. :)

Since it is a Touch....there are many more features than just listening to music. I use it for the internet, facebook, the blog, email, looking up addresses, and mapping out directions when going somewhere, I play games on it when we are traveling in the car, we look up information while we're on the road trying to find something, I take notes, and have a Bible application that I use during at church, I can put movies on it. I watch them on there sometimes when in the car, and I watched a few movies when on the airplane too. So you can see many different features, and the music feature is really the thing I use it for the least. I couldn't remember the last time I actually used it for listening to music. Until the other day.

Here I was down stairs going through the closet under the stairs and thinking to myself, I wish I could listen to music while I was doing this. But I don't want to turn the Satellite radio on because then it might be too loud for the boys while they are napping. Hmmmm...I guess I'll just go without. Or wait....I have an Ipod don't I?! I guess the main purpose for that thing is to listen to music. *DER. Maybe I should try that! ha. Wouldn't you know, it worked like a charm. What a deal! :)

*DER is my language for Duh.

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