Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things don't come free around here boy!

We are constantly telling the boys that nothing is free. Well there are certain instances that blow that theory.

Like buy 2 get one a kid they just see the word free. Cashwise they always give something free with a $25 purchase.

And then there's when you go through the checkout lane at the grocery store and they give you a free sucker. However, they don’t just give you one if you walk in and walk through the lane without buying anything, so technically it’s not free because you had to buy groceries to get it! :)
And then there was that time I posted previously, when we were at Culver’s and after eating we were sitting there while a friend and I chatted. The manager came up and gave the boys free ice cream because she was impressed with how well they were sitting. So again that’s hard to explain, because technically we had to buy food to get free ice cream. If we hadn’t purchased anything and just went and sat there for 2 hours would they have given us free ice cream? Probably not.

These things bring us the complicated to explain situations of life. hahaha real complicated life huh?!

But it’s a great life! I wouldn’t change anything for the world. :) So TJ and I, being the jokers that we are like to say, in a “hick”-ish accent. Things don’t come free around here boy!!! hahaha.

That originally was said to TJ. When he was younger he was at a junk yard, and the owner came up to him and said that to him. So now he says it to the boys.

You try....Put on a hick accent, now say it..."Thing's don't come free 'round here Boy!

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