Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Most of the time I don't turn the lights on. I will go as long as possible with the lights off while I'm working in the kitchen or doing other things. Not really on purpose, though.
So when TJ is home, I'll be in the kitchen cooking something and after awhile when it starts getting darker outside, (and then obviously darker in the house). However, I don't really notice because I'm only focused on what I'm doing and not really paying attention to the darkness because my eyes are gradually getting used to it. Then TJ comes in to see what I'm cooking and he turns the light on. Well, obviously after he does that I'm like, Oh Wow...that's what I'm cooking. :) LOL
I could see fine, but obviously it's much easier to see with lighting. But then every once in awhile he says something to me about why I didn't turn the light off?
Well, uh....I didn't turn the light on? So, I guess I don't think about it. I go so often without the light, that I don't think to turn it off when I leave the room because I'm not used to having the light on. During the day that is. I obviously use the lights more standardly when it is completely dark out.
I was just thinking about this because it's kind of an overcast day. But there is enough light to get by with. However if TJ were home he would probably turn a light on.

Oh yes....Frugal Stephanie.
That's what my family says I am. I'd have to agree though. On some areas more than others, however.

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