Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours!

If you didn't receive it via snail mail, here is my card and letter.

Merry Christmas to all!
    This year started out with an Adoption party as we celebrated the signing of the paperwork for the boys to “officially” become part of our family!  We are so blessed to have them, and we couldn’t love them more than we already do!
    We got to do a few more firsts with the boys, like take them bowling, or go to the Mall of America, celebrate Easter, celebrate our birthday’s as parents, celebrate Monkey's birthday!  He was beyond excited to get to have a real birthday party for the “first” time. We went to a bounce house, Monkey played soccer, and lost his first tooth!  I celebrated my first Mother’s day with them actually living here and not just visiting! :)  And then the even more exciting part is after we hit June we started doing everything again.  They really liked that we could say, remember when we did that last year?
    We took an awesome vacation out to Tennessee, and brought Grandma Shirley with us.  We visited the Creation Museum on the way there, picnicked in the Smokey Mountains, visited some tourist attractions in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, headed down to Chattanooga, and then Coca-Cola World in Atlanta.  The boys love talking about Coca-Cola World the most.  Probably because at the end of the museum you got to test out pop from all over the world so we drank a lot of pop!
    We got a new pool this summer, and it was the perfect summer for it!  We spent a lot of time out there cooling off.  The boys couldn’t get enough swim time in.  Bear learned to swim by himself any everything.
    This fall we started homeschooling.  I think we have all been having a good time with it.  We like to take lots of field trips and see things first hand.  Some of those trips have included historical landmarks, train tracks and train cars, the MN Orchestra, the Children’s Theater, nature walks, the zoo, an apple orchard, etc.
    TJ and I have kept up our paperwork to continue foster care with the possibility of adopting again.  We are ready, just waiting for a call from a social worker when Lord’s timing is right on all the details that go into that. In the mean time we are doing regular foster care/respite care.
    TJ is still employed at Sage Electrochromics in Faribault.  They are a wonderful company that is expanding!  Praise the Lord for that!
    I am doing some part time work typing appraisals from home, working on the MOPS board, and working on what may become a Photography business of some sorts. We will see where that leads.
        Wishing you all a blessed Christmas.  May you find joy in the Lord, who is your strength!

                     -The Wright's

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