Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coca-Cola World & Georgia Aquarium

Today we went to 2 events. First the World of Coca-Cola.

This is the inventor of Coca-Cola....John Pemberton. He invented it in 1886.

We entered a a little after 9am and there were not that many people there. I believe when we started the tour, the lady said something about a 90 minute self guided tour. However.....with the little short videos and everything there was to look at, we were in there, including the gift shop, until a little after 1pm. Crazy!

It was totally awesome though. First they showed a little “movie” on what happens when you buy a was a commercial that was played during the superbowl and they made it longer to be a short film. It was cute. Then when you entered the museum there was a short 3D film on FIFA.....all the World Cups that Coca-Cola has sponsored. That was fun too. Then Mom and the boys got their picture taken with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

After that we saw another short film that was about finding the secret ingredient to
Coca-Cola. It was a 4D movie so the seats even moved. A couple times the movie was by or in water and we got wet too. Then we passed a dragon fly that flew in our faces, and went around us and poked us in the back. I actually yelped when it poked me in the back. Wasn’t expecting that one! :) There was one more movie was 3 shorts on Coca-Cola commercials from around the world. It was very interesting.

Then we walked through sections that had a bunch of coca-cola art, big decorated pop bottles and information on how John Pemberton created coca-cola. Then we walked through a small factory section that showed a robot putting the empty bottles on the line.....a conveyor belt that moved the glass bottles very carefully over towards the filling machine, then to the conveyor that put the cap on, and then it took it on another conveyor belt and up over our heads into the room where you get to drink as much pop as you want.

They had all kinda of Coke products from around the world. I tasted, I think all of them. Or almost all of them. Just a very teeny bit of most....especially a good idea because many of them were gross! There’s one specifically people were talking about called “Beverly”. YUCK!!!! It tasted like bad medicine and then there was an even more horrible after taste! Yuck....there was another one that I also thought was on the top of the bad list. I can’t remember what that one was called, but it tasted minty. ICK! I don’t think pop should have mint flavor.

When we were done having as much pop as we wanted that was the end.....and then we each got to take one of those glass pop bottles that we watched the make. After that was the gift shop.....Mom bought the most stuff! :)

After that we went to the Aquarium, which is right next to it.....just across the sidewalk. It is the biggest Aquarium in the World. Or so they say. It was very cool, I will have to say, but we spent so much time in the World of Coca-Cola that we decided to go through the Aquarium a little faster. Here’s a little collage I made of the fish, while riding in the car.

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