Saturday, June 12, 2010

Creation Museum

Monkey kept telling everyone we were going to the Cremation museum! haha..whoops.

This was a totally awesome experience.

I definitely recommend this as a vacation destination for Everyone!

This is such a great way to display the truth of the Bible and the true creation of the world.

First it talks about fossils and dinosaurs.
Everyone is intrigued with dinosaurs and why they are not still around, and how long ago did they really live!

Then there are clear displays giving 2 views...human reason, and God’s Word. Lots of posters showing these 2 views with the universe, vegetation and insects, apes and humans, etc. Great, Great information!

There were models of some of the prophets/disciples from the Bible.

Lots of information regarding the okay to teach evolution in the schools and the push to get rid of the teaching of creation, and how it’s been disputed many times by many people through out the years.

Then we watched a short 5 minute video on the first 6 days of creation.

We got to enter the Garden of Eden, and see Adam name the animals. Adam and Eve together. The tree of life. Adam and Eve’s deception leading to the entering of sin in the world. Adam and Even with their first 2 sons working the land. Cain’s rage against Abel.

(Can you see the serpent?)

There is a large display regarding Noah’s Ark, how they made it, people who helped, tools and other items they used to make it. There were small displays of what the inside of the ark would have looked like, Noah’s room in the ark. In the replica they had a little garden, which I never really thought about before as something they would have had in the ark.
I like this picture.....perfect example of making a bad choice and not being able to go back in time to fix it, or change your mind. These people said no to getting on the ark even though it was offered to all. And there’s no way they can change their mind now even though, I’m sure they are all saying, I believe you now! Please let us in, Noah!!!

Then we watched a 30 minute movie called “The Last Adam”.

I’m so impressed with the way they have put this together to portray the truth of the gospel. Great work Ken Ham!

Lastly we walked around the Nature Walking trails, and visited the petting zoo. Praise the Lord for stopping the rain midway through the day so we could enjoy the outside! But boy was it humid out there! :)

Beautiful Landscaping in the walking path. Enjoy some pics.

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Gampa and Gamma said...

Nice pics. Next time we head out East we will have to stop there. Mom

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