Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today's main event was the Titanic Museum.

I have to admit....I am my father's child. I love, LOVE museums!!!!!
I would walk very slowly and ready everything, and then possibly go through again, but some other people....I won't mention any names ;) keep me moving and don't let me go through again.

We couldnt' take pictures inside the museum because of copyright laws....or so they say. But I pieced together this pic of the building.

It was so neat inside. They had lots of pictures and drawings of what the ship looked like, where the levels were, what people were on each level. Info on how they built it, what they used. How many people worked on it and how many people were aboard and which classes they were. 1st, 2nd and 3rd class tickets. Plus crew.

When you go in everyone gets a boarding pass with information about a real person who was on the ship. At the end of the tour, they have a huge memorial wall with all the names of the people who did or didn't survive and which level of the ship they stayed on. Me, Mom and Monkey's people survived....Bear and TJ's people did not survive the sinking. So sad!

There was great wreckage footage from when they dived down to see and recover goods from the ship.

There was so much to see! So very interesting!!!

There was also a little part that was what the bow of the ship would have been like and the right side had a "real" ice-berg along the boat that you could touch. BRRRRR....it was cold! :) Then they had some water at 28 degrees which is what the ocean water was at that time the boat sank for you to feel how cold that is. Some people were in that water for 20 minutes or more before they were rescued....others longer than that, and that is why they didn't make it. That is way too cold for people to be able to survive in. The worker told you to put your hand in as a fist and then open and shut your hand. It was very hard and hurt to do that. It was cold enough to put your hand in, but really almost felt colder and hurt when you went to move your hand in that temperature of water. I can not believe what those people went through.

Oh soooo much more to tell you about....but I guess I will end with it there. If you want to know more you'll have to ask!

We had lunch at Fuddruckers...supper was ice cream! ;) Only on vacation, right?!?

Well almost!

We spent the rest of the day walking around Gatlinburg, checking out the touristy things....and rounded off the night with mini golf. The boys liked that.


Gampa and Gamma said...

I like museum's too Stephanie. I'm kinda like you, I like to spend alot of time looking at stuff.
You guys will have to go the the House on the Rock some time. They have a HUGE museum there.
It is fun to read what you all have been doing. It sounds like you are having alot of fun. That's good.
Love you guys!

photozmom said...

Stephanie, I really loved that museum when we went there in April. So many neat things to kinda give you the feel of what it was like in a VERY small way... the water filling up the stairwell, trying to walk up the incline of the sinking ship in just 15 minutes. and like you said the water and iceberg!!! So enjoyed it and and sounds like you did too !! I'm glad !! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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