Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Digital pictures

Don’t you just love the digital picture era?!

This past weekend was Easter, and while at my mom’s for only 3 day, I took 348 pictures. ReaLLy?!?!? Can there really be that many things to take pictures of? Of course there can. It’s not like you’re “wasting” pictures. *(Right, Nicole?)

I’ve said this before to others, but it still amazes me. Remember “back-in-the-day” when we had a 24 roll of film, and we didn’t want to have to buy too many of those, so we just settled with only 24 or 48 pictures of our whole week vacation to some great and amazing place, that we will probably never visit again. Like the smokey mountains, or the Black Hills?! This is craziness! I mean, we have 24-48 memories of a whole week in an amazing place, and now I have 248 memories of Easter weekend, which does and will happen every year!

It’s just to amazing to me how we can grow in our technology all the time. But I love it. I love having a million pictures. It helps me remember things a little better too. :)

Ok, so since you have nothing better to do, keep scrolling down and look at all 348 pictures I took this weekend.

Just kidding.

*and for the side note...a few years ago, when my sister did have a digital camera, it was Christmas time and my sister passed the camera off to her husband while opening gifts, and he was taking random pictures and not “capturing the moment” to which she replied, “Don’t waste pictures!” We all laughed. Um, you can’t waste pictures on a digital camera there sista! Too funny. We like to make fun of her for saying that whenever we can. (love ya Nicole)

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