Thursday, October 21, 2010


The next 10 school days we will be talking about transportation/travel.  Today we started with trains.  So first we read a book that talks about the different types of train cars, and how the rail road is made and other details.  Then we drove around over and under railroad tracks.

We drove over to an EXEMPT track and looked at it up close and walked along it. :) 

And we have a rail car at the fair grounds "Village of Yesteryear", so we drove over to that to play around and see it.  Fun day at school.

 One vacation TJ and I went on there was a small train in town like this.  Not a real train track.  To be silly I laid down on the track and pretended like it was coming to run me over.  So the boys have seen that in my scrapbook and wanted to take a picture like that too.

Then they decided to pretend like it was coming and stand there looking scared.  They are quite the actors. :)

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Gampa and Gamma said...

I like these pictures Stephanie. I especially like the first one with them walking away from you on the tracks. They look like they enjoyed themselves. Tell them "Hello" from Grandpa and Grandma and that we Love them.
Love you too!!
Dad Wright

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