Monday, December 20, 2010

Kitchen Tips v11-Cake and Cookie Decorating

I've mentioned this before, and showed it a little in Bear's Birthday post.

But I thought I'd post it individually.

Here are a couple more pictures on how I use the ziploc baggie trick for cakes and cookies.

First grab a quart size baggie.

Then use a cup like shape.  And point one of the corners down, with the baggie folded over the edge.

Next fill it with your frosting.

Next fold the sides up and squeeze it to one corner only.

Cut a very small tip off the corner.  The smaller the finer the detail in your decorating

Repeat with other frosting colors. :)  Decorate your cookies, or whatever. christmas cutout cookies.  I think this is so much simpler and faster, and fun! :)

1 comment:

Bobbi Kenow said...

you're right! it is fun :)

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