Monday, December 6, 2010

No, stand up and hold me!

Why is it that children always want you to stand up when you are holding them?

Don't they know they are or eventually can get heavy?! :)

Bear is always asking me to pick him up, so I do....but I usually sit down after a couple minutes because he's like 50 pounds!  But as soon as I sit down it's, "No Mommy, stand back up!"

Why?  Are my arms not still around you?  Am I not still with you? 
Why am I not good enough sitting down?

This proved true this weekend also while we were doing foster(respiste) care for a sibling group of 4.  The youngest was a little over 1.....but also the same size as the 3 year old!  So let's just say he was thick. :)

If I held him while I was standing he loved it he probably would have let me hold him all day without causing a fuss.  But sit down, and 2 seconds later he's had enough and wants to get off your lap.

What up with that?!

Do you have any insight to this ponderment?

*ponderment----I'm pretty sure I did not make this word up, but it has a red line under it as if it's not real, and it's not found at  What up with that? :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are talking about, Maisy does not want me to sit down either when I hold her. Does it have anything to do with the womb? The feeling of being carried while mom moves around is comforting to kids maybe? After all, they are carried that way for 9 months at the beginning. I know when Maisy was smaller I wore her in a baby wrap constantly (and I still do when it is a necessity). It is a sure fire way to get her to calm down everytime. Definitely something to ponder....


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