Saturday, August 7, 2010

The MN Zoo

TJ and I took the kids to the MN Zoo for the first time yesterday.  
It was a beautiful day for us to enjoy God's beautiful creation!

I love looking at the sky and animals, and the mysteries of it all.  The habits, and actions how things work.  God is so amazing!  He included to many fine details in the workings of everything and yet it all comes together and makes sense and has a purpose. AWESOME!

Here's a few neat shots of the animals.

 I think this is a simply amazing creature.  
And I don't recall ever seeing one up close before....this was HUGE!  Almost as big as Bear just sitting there.  Just imagine how long it's wings stretch out. 

The Butterfly Gardens was a super fun place to take pictures in.....

The bears put on a good show for everyone.  They were just fighting/playing around.  But it was like a tug of trying to get the other to fall in the water, and the other trying to get him to come out of the water.  

I liked these camels....first from a distance it looked like they were laying down, but when we got closer we realized they were standing in deep water.  funny.

Watch out, this guys looking at you. :)

Prairie Dogs
These guys were fun to watch.  They made a funny noise too. :)

There is a play ground so we let the kids play for a few minutes.  They had lots of fun inventive things to play on, a tree house, bridge, animals, boat, spider net, etc....but of everything Monkey said his favorite thing was climbing on this giant mosquito. :)

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