Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big changes coming!

I bet you can't wait to see what the changes are, can you?!

Ever since I can remember I've felt not so good after I eat. I pretty much thought it was just part of my life and I lived with it.

In the last couple years my sister and nieces and nephew have been tested for food allergies or intolerances. I've known I should do something about this but was afraid of what they would say.
What  if I couldn't eat some of my favorite foods?

Well it's also been presented that food allergies or intolerances can play an important role in infertility. So I thought if nothing else I could try to work with these food changes for that reason.

So without great excitement, I will be introducing you all to everything I learn, and giving you a whole new set of recipes 'Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free'.

It's going to be a great challenge, that's for sure.  Join me in the ride!


Bobbi Kenow said...

It's a tough journey in the beginning...I have LOADS of recipes for you if you're ever short on ideas!

alicia stokes said...

hey stephanie, i also have loads of recipes i could share with you! And you can live and eat and enjoy it without the gluten and dairy. glutenfreegoddess is an incredible blog full of recipes. she taught me alot about the different flours there are to use. it really makes a difference if you mix your own. we are now venturing into grain free with lots of almond flour recipes. you can do it!

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