Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unknown Generational Retaliation

This is not normal in our house.  And I am definitely not bragging about this.  But I thought it was a story worth sharing.

First of all let me tell you a story that my mom loves to remind me of from my childhood.

She tells of how she came into the dining room and finds two names carved into the back of the dining room chairs.  One of those names saying Stephanie and the other saying Dana.  When asking how it got there apparently we said we didn't know and we didn't do it.

At this point in time in my life I do not recall doing this.  But, I don't remember that much of my childhood. :)  However, I do remember seeing the lasting effect it had as my mom left it there for years and I was constantly reminded of this.  I would not recall this at all if my mom didn't leave it there as evidence for YEARS for all and myself to see over and over and over again.  This is the only reason why I have a recollection about this besides the fact that my mom tells  me the story all the time.

Ok, so this brings me to my story.  Everyday from 1-3 the boys have quiet/alone time.  Monkey gets to pick a few toys and play undisturbed in his room.  Well, when quiet time was over I opened the door, and Monkey was smiling a very proud smile, and said, Look what I did mom!  This (pipe cleaner) is pokey and I wrote my name.

Immediately after his exclamation of his wonderful artwork, I was doing all I could do to control myself from bursting out with laughter! (weird huh?)

(Obviously this was some type of unknown generational retaliation, right?!)
he didn't do it on purpose, or knowing that it was wrong in the first place

now it's my turn to feel what my mom felt when I did this same thing to her

it's like parents say...some day your kids are going to treat you the same way you treated me!

So my next words were an exasperated sigh of,  "Oh Monkey"!  And then in my most sincere voice I said, "why would you do that?  That is not paper.  You can't erase that."  And then we had a short little talk on taking good care of the things that we have.  After I left the room he started crying.

He did not get in trouble because he had no idea that it was wrong to do in the first place.  But  he knows now, and I sure hope he makes a better choice next time.  And just like my mom did for me, I will leave it there until his dresser falls apart for him to be reminded of this day.


Amy Kramer said...

Oh my! At least he'll never have anyone question on what dresser belongs to whom! :)
Thanks for the laugh. What a cute story!! :)

Randi said...

LOVE. haha

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