Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randomness v19

My sister sneezed, and it was ear piercing loud.
Monkey turns to her and says, “You should tone that down a bit.”
I thought it was hilarious.  haha, still makes me laugh.
(obviously when they are too loud we tell them to tone it down)

We were in the car, TJ looks over and says..
TJ- Do you think that person over there wants a ride?
Me- what person?
TJ- Oh, I guess it’s just a tree.
I laughed for seriously 10 minutes or more over this....the timing the circumstances....just struck a nerve I guess. :)

Bear was helping fold the laundry. 
Bear- Mom, who’s shorts are these?
Me- Those are daddy’s underwear.
Bear- Ahhh,hahahahahaha, those are silly underwear.

Monkey was trying to tell us something, but like always he uses words like that and thing, which means you have no idea what he is talking about.  So....
Monkey- Mom, where did you get that thing?
Bear- What Thing?
Me- True that
Bear- Yeah, you have to Consplain it! Duh!!

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