Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Craft Time v5

Today we did a preliminary painting craft.

I say preliminary because I'd really like to do this on a canvas and hang it in their room, however today we don't have the canvas yet and they love projects so surely they won't mind painting and doing a project twice.  So this really should be done on a canvas, but for today we practiced on cardstock.

What you need,
paint, paintbrushes, or felt, paper plates, newspaper, cardstock/canvas, sticker letters.

First figure out what you want to say.  Then place it how you want it to look on the canvas/paper with various sticker letters.  It doesn't matter what the sticker letters because in the end you are going to pull them off revealing the white underneath.

Paint away!
I had them use a small cut out square piece of felt to paint knowing their age and that they are not going to be doing any intimate details in their paint design.  An older kid might have a better design idea to use some different size paint brushes.  I also had them only choose two colors for now.  Remember this is the preliminary project. :)

Next you pick your paint colors and then paint over everything covering the whole canvas/paper.

Wait for it to dry and pull the stickers off.

Two Art Masterpieces!

I wanted them to pick something cute, or funny and SHORT...so it would fit on the small page.
First Monkey said he wanted to put, Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me to take away my sins.  I love Jesus.  I thought that is way too many words for this page.  Can we shorten it to Thank you Jesus?  He was ok with that.
Then Bear... "What do you want to say Bear?"  Um..."I love God and I love my mom so much that I want to laugh."  This is what I want it to say.  I thought it was too funny and cute that I couldn't resist but to put the whole thing on there. :)

For the real project, I will let them use more than 2 colors, and I will be getting 2 canvases from Hobby Lobby.  They have different sizes, starting at $4 I think.

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