Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Duluth pt2

Here's some of the snapshots from the second day of our overnight trip away.

We went on a train ride along the river.  Rode the Alpine slide again.  Went to the lift bridge at night.
Ate at Texas Roadhouse!  And if you've never been there, it is the best food ever!  Ok....well I haven't eaten everything on their menu, but the porkchop and mashed potatoes are to die for.....you'll have to try it next time you go there.  We also visited the Glensheen Mansion.  Awesome.

Enjoy! :)

On the train ride.

 As we were riding on the train another train drove right over us. 

Another shot from the train ride.  I took TONS of pics.  If you can only imagine. :)

The Mansion from the back.

 The boathouse on the shore of the mansion property.

 TJ walked down towards the shoreline.  This is still on the mansion's property. 
I love this shot of him in the distance. 

Looking through the trees to the lake.  And the ship out there.

Another beautiful tree turning color.  Isn't it amazing?

TJ and I at the Mansion.  You couldn't take pics inside, but the outside was beautiful enough.  I got so many more pictures than I could show you.  Probably 800 from the 2 days! :)

These last 2 pictures could be better, I know.  But I still need to figure out the night shot settings and ways to make these shots better on my camera.  But you still get the point.
 The lift bridge at night.
 The lift bridge up for a huge vessel ship coming in!  This was 1000 feet long.  Coming in to get some coal to bring somewhere else, and fuel for the ship to run!  I wonder how long that takes.


Gampa and Gamma said...

Great pictures Stephanie. I didn't realize how beautiful it is up there. We were up there when Will and Dawn Arends got married. We looked around alittle but nothing like this. I'm glad you got to go up there.
Dad Wright

Randi said...

I agree, great pics! Sounds like you & TJ had a wonderful getaway. I LOVE Duluth & the North Shore! I've only been there in the summer though...I'd love to go in the fall sometime, but that's hard with a teacher husband! Maybe over MEA some year... :)

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